週會表 Current Schedule

週會表 Current Schedule

Monday, October 29, 2007

迎新會+感恩節晚餐 Welcome Night and Thanksgiving Dinner

這是一個邀請家人和朋友來到教會的好機會﹐ 請不要錯過﹗
Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to invite your family and friends to church!

日期 Date: 11/10/2007 Sat
時間 Time: 6pm-9pm
地點 Location: 教會 Church
Thanksgiving dinner, songs, testimony sharing, video
Click here for details and the flyer.


  1. The sisters going to Israel next Sunday. Pray for their safety.
  2. Outreach to the Cal State East Bay students--new Friday night gathering and Sunday School class. Instead of bring us to China to tell the Good News, God has put them right at our doorstep.
  3. People who attended the movie outreach night few weeks ago. We would like to be in touch with them and invite them to the Welcome Night+Thanksgiving Dinner 迎新會+感恩晚餐 on 11/10/07 Sat.
  4. 2008 fellowship committee election and God's guidance and vision for the coming year
  5. Our Nov visit to the senior home in Oakland
  6. Mexico short-term mission trip 11/30-12/2/07 and our Shoebox Gift drive for the kids there
  7. The search for English congregation pastor
  8. People around us, especially those who are going through difficult time in life
  9. Those suffering from the southern California fire
  10. Our parents and family members--their salvation and well-being; our relationship with them

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


這個星期天會開始一班新的主日學, 對象是說普通話的初信和慕道的朋友, 將會由馬飛, Felix和Alvin去負責. 請大家為這件事祈禱, 祈求聖靈親自工作, 讓神的話語和福音訊息進入人的心. 亦請記念負責的弟兄, 求神幫助他們去預備他們的心和教材, 突破語言上的障礙, 堅立他們的信心全然倚靠神. 謝謝.

Monday, October 15, 2007


在上星期六看的"恐懼森林"裡面, 有一句對白講到一個人的價值不是由別人去決定, 而是在乎於我們自己和神(的關係). 今天看到下面的文章, 又再想到那一句對白. --Alvin

On Location - Sam I Am (Scar Tissue) by Ed Young

Who we are today is a direct result of our past. We all have scars and wounds from the words and actions of others and from our own failures and mistakes. But for the Christ-follower this is not the end of the story.
As the Spirit of God uses the Word of God to remake us into new creations, these scars from the past become stepping stones to spiritual maturity. Embrace these top ten principles from God's word and allow Him to rebuild your battered self-esteem:

10. I am created
For we are God's workmanship. Ephesians 2:10

9. I am chosen
For we know, brothers loved by God, that he has chosen you...1 Timothy 1:4

8. I am protected
Protect me as you would the pupil of your eye. Psalm 17:8 (NLT)

7. I am complete
His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 2 Peter 1:3

6. I am victorious
In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37

5. I am called
[God] has saved us and called us to a holy life--not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace...2 Timothy 1:9

4. I am forgiven
There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1

3. I am free
Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

2. I am loved
I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness. Jeremiah 31:3

1. I am accepted!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Joan - 上一年的佈道會

如果沒有記錯, 上一年的佈道會是在10/21/2006.
還有8天就到今年的佈道會. 雖然不是同一天,但也感觸良多.
身在Irvine的我仍很緊張CCCAC的一切, 久不久問下佈道會準備的進度, 有甚麼困難, 又會問中文班, 詩班和弟兄姊妹的事. 當Lawrence話我知找不到 greeter 的時候,我真的後想回去幫手……
記得一年前的我就以一個guess的身份走進正堂聽佈道會, 和Janet 坐在林修榮和牧師後面. 一切感動了我, 特別是Alvin的那首歌. 於是戰戰競競地站起來, 一直合着眼低着頭, 不敢看. 決志後走出正堂的我, 就似初生嬰兒, 重生的感覺, 也帶着一點兒害怕的感覺.(可能因為這也是我人生中重要的決定. 父母在場,而旁邊又是一個剛認識的Janet, 在衆人下作的決定, 不免有點害怕). 邊走出正堂,邊有人恭喜我,最記得, Alvin, Joyce, Felix等人在後面等我, 紛紛和我握手, Joyce 還擁抱我. Alvin 話 “呢期最紅係你啦” 哈哈.
一年這樣就過去, 今年我再不是guess, 所以好想幫手, 做greeter也好. 不竟我的開始是在CCCAC的佈道會, 可惜我不在Bay area. 我做到的只有拍了一個不知道work 唔work 的見證video 及不斷為你們祈禱. 加油呀, 弟兄姊妹!!! 支持你地, 更支持牧師!!! 唱好D呀 Alvin, 詩班都係呀~ 快D背好首 “尋找”啦!!
當別人問我 “Joan, 你係邊間教會?” 我以前會猶疑, 因為曾有人話我不是屬CCCAC的,我不是CCCAC的member. 但經過昨晚後, 我以後可以好肯定的向人說 : “I am from CCCAC” 因為我在CCCAC找到歸屬感, 那裏是我屬靈的家
P.S. ( Thank you very much Lawrence)

Thursday, October 4, 2007


請繼續為下星期六的佈道會祈禱, 祈禱代求也是我們盡忠參與的一部份, 現在更是需要認真恆切來到父神面前的時侯. 萬事俱備, 祈禱時間表也可以這link找到, 你準備好了嗎?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

9/29/2007 Bible Study Summary

在經文中, 我們看見彼得雖然他自知時日無多, 仍苦口婆心地循循善誘要留下這些重要的話, 幫助各時代的信徒.

信徒處在這世代中, 如逆水行舟, 若非不斷追求屬靈品德上長進, 生命要結出信心、德行、知識、節制、忍耐、虔敬和愛的性情, 便很容易被今世的風俗、罪惡的習慣、人的道理、各種壞潮流, 漸漸將我們屬靈的眼光蒙蔽, 以致我們的心思、意志和觀念,也漸受其影響, 便漸漸看不見屬靈之事的美好, 慚漸效法世界的樣式.

信主的年日日增, 在教會中的資歷愈來愈「老」, 對各種道理的知識愈來愈多, 信徒以為自己在某方面的真理已十分熟識, 已經聽過, 便忽略了它, 自己可以不必再受題醒, 甚至聽到別人提及自己所熟識的真道時, 便十分傲慢地輕視別人, 以為自己所知的比別人多 , 結果必然會驕傲自大. 信徒要在真道上堅固, 彼此題醒, 不可放鬆、懈怠.

當時有異端或假傳道 , 隨自己的意思講解聖經的話, 傳錯誤的道理, 引誘信徒, 以致有些信徒對主再來之真道發生疑惑. 所以彼得在此再一次堅固他們的信心, 使他們知道使徒對他們所曾傳講有關主再來的事, 絕非使徒憑個人意思推測出來的道理, 乃是直接從神得到的啟示, 也是彼得親身經歷, 親自聽見的, 在此特別題醒信徒, 這位要來的耶穌基督, 乃是神所親自印證是祂愛子的那一位, 使他們深信主再來之真確.

請不要忘記對基督徒來說, 生命中最重要的事就是跟上帝有好的關係. 這是我們所有優先次序中的第一位.

第二件我們需要的提醒是, 不要忘記神在我們身上的作為. 彼得用了他的兩個親身經歷 來提醒我們.

第三件基督徒不能忘記的是, 我們要記得每天讀聖經領受的真理.

Alvin的分享-- In the Drawer

Today is one of those days that I need to wear my glasses. My eyes just became sore after lunch. The glasses cost me quite a bit because it is hard for me to find a frame that fits comfortably. Still I don’t like to have anything in front of my eyes, and it is some kind of obstacle to me. I know I should wear it whenever I am sitting in front of the computer for a long time (that basically means every day), but for over a year it has not become a habit yet. The only time I think of it is when my eyes feel terribly tired and sore. Tomorrow I probably will put the glasses back in the nice looking case and leave it in the drawer. You know, sometimes that’s also how we treat God and our fellowship with Him. Our restored relationship with God is paid by a costly sacrifice of Jesus. Do we treasure it? Yes, No, May be. There are times we don’t want God’s participation and intervention in our life especially when we are on cruise control. We may put Him aside until we have to send our S.O.S. Is God somewhere in one of your deep drawers? Or, is He actively involved in your everyday life?

--Alvin (Original from http://nolegstoland.blogspot.com/)

Monday, October 1, 2007


還記得曾經有好幾個人對我說過, 一個旅程的結束其實是另一個旅程的開始, 而人生裏就是有很多不同的 “旅程”.
剛離開bay area一星期, 覺得時間過得好慢. 所有野也算settle down 了, 沒有在campus 迷路 (暫時), 至少識去class rooms, book store, student center, international center同埋識得找野食. VCD Norte (my apartment) 非常好, 我住左Graduate section, 所以好寧靜. 坐shuttle 返學又非常方便. 現在還有一間很不錯的church (cbccoc). Those already fit my needs and wants.
如Alvin 說, 我該懂得去看自己所擁有的, 而不應去看自己缺少的. 現在我很滿足了. 之後的日子就是一個好好的機會給我學習, 讓我成長.
感謝神!! 有時覺得祂真的很了解我, 知道我是怎樣的人就給我適當的挑戰, 讓我學識獨立, 讓我一步步地成長.
第一次去活石團契, 感覺很不錯. 剛巧他們分享的其中一首歌是 “全因為你”, 是我很喜歡的一首歌. 也就是離開bay area 前一晚在Janet 家分享的一首歌. 彷忽神在告訴我很多東西正在弦續下去 – 我的教會生活, 團契生活, 那當然還有和你們的友誼. 我該好好珍惜我所有的.
活石是一個College團契, 每一個也在讀書, 所以特別有親切感. 和以前不一樣, 我再不是大家的小妹妹, 我現在也算比較大的一個, 哈哈, 突然覺得自己好老.
今早my mom and aunties 走了, 有點不捨. 由今天起我要靠自己, of course 也有父神一起與我同行.
剛與鄧牧師,師母吃過午飯, 他們好nice, 好好人, I feel so warm.
明天會去Sunday school, worship, lunch @ church. 就這樣慢慢展開我的新生活.
Thanks a lot for all your prayers and wishes~
11月20日, 我會返Bay area, 到時再見 ^^